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Three-ingredient chocolate puddings

Three-ingredient chocolate puddings

Elly Curshen's chocolate pudding only has three ingredients and, depending on how much of each one you need to use up, you can calculate the rest of the recipe easily using a 1:1:3 calculation 

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Gluten freeVegetarian
  • Serves6
  • CourseDessert
  • Prepare5 mins
  • Cook5 mins
  • Total time10 mins


  • 75g dark chocolate, plus extra to serve if you have it (I used 54% Belgian dark chocolate)
  • 75g No.1 Salted Caramel Sauce
  • 225g double or whipping cream (I used Waitrose Duchy Organic Double Cream)


  1. Break the chocolate into chunks and place in a heatproof bowl. Sit the bowl over a small saucepan containing about 2cm water – the bowl must not touch the water. Place over a low heat and allow the chocolate to melt fully.

  2. Add the salted caramel to the warm melted chocolate and stir well to combine. Set aside.

  3. Pour the cream into a mixing bowl and whisk to soft peaks. Add the chocolate and salted caramel mixture to the bowl and gently fold in with a spatula. Stop when marbled throughout or just mixed to keep air in the cream.

  4. Divide between 6 small glasses (carefully spoon it in, or use a piping bag). If you have any chocolate left, finely chop it and use to decorate the top of the puddings – I make a small well in the centre of each pot and fill with some of the chopped chocolate.

Cook’s tip

Almond clusters
Melt some dark chocolate and stir in whole almonds (or whatever nuts you have). Spoon onto greaseproof paper in small piles. Sprinkle with sea salt flakes and leave to set before serving.

Transform day-old croissants
Split in half, spread with some marmalade, then add roughly chopped chocolate, sandwich back together and bake in a hot oven for about 5 minutes until golden and piping hot throughout.

Simple chocolate ganache
Use to fill a cake, or chill until set and roll into truffles. Weigh some chocolate, finely chop it and put into a small bowl. Measure just over half the weight of the chocolate in double cream, and heat gently. Pour it over the chocolate, leave for 5 minutes, then stir well until smooth.


Typical values per serving when made using specific products in recipe


1,244kJ/ 301kcals



Saturated Fat












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