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Speciality Figs


Sweet and succulent figs make a deliciously easy starter - serve with British dry-cured ham, rocket salad, and a drizzle of Balsamic vinegar. Or roast them with feta or halloumi; they turn delectably jammy, almost like an instant preserve.

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Pink Lady Apples

Pink lady apples

Crisp and juicy with a gorgeous rosy blush and sparkling fizz - these beauties are best enjoyed cold, straight from the fridge, or added to leafy salads for a hit of sweetness. 

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We source our mangoes from around the world to get the best quality each season. They're hand picked and expertly ripened so they're sweet and juicy, ready to eat. Cut into wedges for kids to enjoy, finely dice and add to yogurt for a fruity pudding, or enjoy as part of a tropical fruit salad.

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October’s best produce

This month, there are many wonderful fruits and vegetables at their peak. See what ingredients you should be cooking and eating now