Cherries, sweet peppers, peaches
Mini watermelon, blackberries, fennels and tomatoes
Cherries, sweet peppers, peaches

In Season Fruit & Vegetables

What’s delicious in August

With summer in full swing, the abundant fruit and veg are intensely colourful and sweet,
just right for eating as they are or cooking until tender and soft. 

Spicy cherry chutney with grilled feta


Spicy cherry chutney with grilled feta

An easy lunch or side for a warm day. This sweet and spicy dish can be scooped up with flatbreads or spooned over rice.

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Pepper and pistachio jewelled rice


Pepper & pistachio jewelled rice

This colourful rice dish is packed with flavourful herbs, aromatics and – of course – bright,
juicy peppers.

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Duck with roasted plums & noodles


Duck with roasted plums & noodles

A succulent meal for two that marries the richness of roasted plums with warming ginger and chilli. 

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British cherries...

Plump, jewel-toned cherries are delicious eaten straight off the stem, but they can be used in plenty of recipes, too. Let them tumble over layers of thick cream and chocolate cake, bring sweetness to a cheese board with cherry chutney – and let’s not forget jam-filled tarts.

British peppers...

Big flavours come in little packages – peppers included. Crunchy, sweet and intense, baby sweet peppers are delicious chopped into salads, charred over the grill or roasted with garlic and pine nuts before being blitzed into ruby-red pesto.

British plums

A few minutes in the oven transforms tangy plums into a delightfully jammy accompaniment to balsamic-drizzled salads, soy-splashed noodles and rich meats. Another winner? Simmered in cinnamon and added to a cobbler.