Vegan Christmas recipes


Wow your table with a tasty plant-based menu from Elly Curshen and find recipes and easy ideas for vegan Christmas starters,
sides, mains and desserts

Elly Curshen's plant-based Christmas menu

Including an easy vegan gravy and some delicious and easy greens

Vegan Christmas starters

For a quick and easy Vegan ‘Prawn’ Cocktail, use a can of hearts of palm, drained, rinsed and sliced into 1cm pieces in place of prawns and a vegan mayo instead of regular mayo in your favourite prawn cocktail recipe. Leave out the Worcestershire sauce, too (it contains fish) and use a good splash of Thai Taste Vegetarian Fish Sauce (Nam Pla Jey) to add a perfectly subtle ‘marine’ flavour.

Vegan main course

Vegan Christmas dinner sides

To make your own Maple and mustard vegan ‘pigs in blankets’, cook vegan sausages according to packet instructions, toss in a mixture of grain mustard and maple syrup then wrap a piece of vegan bacon around each sausage. Secure with a cocktail stick and fry until brown on all sides. Toss again in the maple/mustard mixture and serve.

Vegan puddings & desserts