Image of Japanese jiggly cheesecake
Image of Japanese jiggly cheesecake

Japanese jiggly cheesecake

Light and fluffy, this fun dessert is bouncy with the texture of a soufflé and has a sweet and tangy flavour 

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image of Duchy eggs

Waitrose Duchy Organic eggs

From British Blacktail hens raised on a natural, high-quality organic diet, with plenty of space to roam and forage freely

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image of Clarence Court egg range

Speciality eggs

Burford Browns, delicate quail eggs, and the impressive ostrich egg – you'll find the full range of Clarence Court eggs only at Waitrose

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Eggs laid by hens temporarily housed in barns

All UK farmers are required by the government to keep free range egg-laying hens and birds reared for meat in barns temporarily as a precaution against avian influenza.

Green baked eggs

A protein-packed vegetarian dish that's filling and works well as lunch or brunch