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Waitrose & Partners Christmas

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Stir up sunday
Waitrose & Partners Christmas

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Turkey buying guide
Waitrose & Partners Christmas

buying GUIDE

Everything you need to know about choosing, preparing, cooking and carving your Christmas turkey, plus recipe ideas to use up any leftovers.

Choosing your turkey

You can order your turkey online until 15 December, or buy one in store from 20 December.  If you’re planning a Thanksgiving feast, we’ll have some festive birds available in store in November, too. Use our guide to find one to suit your budget, timetable, oven size and number of guests on the day

Whole turkeys
From £18

The traditional Christmas Day centrepiece, a whole bird gives guests a choice of juicy turkey breast meat, flavoursome legs and wings. Dressed with all the trimmings, and carved at the table, it will add a real sense of theatre to the occasion.

You can use leftover turkey meat for Boxing Day cold cuts and sandwiches, and make a hearty stock and gravy from the bones.

We offer four types of whole birds to suit all budgets – Essential, free range bronze, Duchy organic and No.1 free range dry aged.

Our small turkeys serve a minimum of five while large turkeys serve 16, with prices from £18 to £128 (estimated based on £6.95 to £16 per kg).

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(Subject to availability)

Prepared turkeys
From £30

These succulent turkeys can be great time-savers as they need minimal preparation, they’re quicker to cook than a whole bird and easy to carve. 

Stuffed, latticed or glazed, they are ready to roast. 

They serve a minimum of six and range from £30 to £68.

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(In store from 20 December. Subject to availability)

Turkey crowns
From £23

If everyone you’re feeding prefers lighter-tasting white breast meat, opt for a crown of breast meat on the bone.

A crown needs a shorter cooking time than a whole turkey, and its compact shape is ideal if you’re pushed for oven space. 

Small crowns serve a minimum of four, large crowns serve eight, with prices from £23 to £98 (estimated based on £15 to £30 per kg).

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(In store from 20 December. Subject to availability)

Free range turkeys
From £33

Our No.1 dry-aged bronze-feathered free range turkeys are a slower-growing breed, reared using traditional farming methods and renowned for producing succulent, richly flavoured meat. The birds enjoy a cereal-based diet and roam freely in open pastures for their whole life. 

Our bronze-feathered birds live outdoors from six weeks old onwards. They roam on grass with straw bales, trees and mixed scrub to scratch in, with at least one acre per thousand birds. The birds return to shelter houses at night with deep straw bedding or shavings for comfort and warmth.

Our small free range bronze feathered turkey breast crown serves a minimum of five while our large crown serves up to 12, with prices from £23 to £128 (estimated based on £15 to £30 per kg).

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What size turkey?

Our turkeys come in a range of sizes so you can choose the one that suits your celebrations best. If you need a big bird but oven space is an issue, a smaller turkey plus a crown or joint can be a good solution.

If you're cooking for 3-4 people, our small turkey crowns and prepared turkey breasts are ideal. For 5-6 people, choose a medium crown or small whole turkey. For groups of more than 8, we'd suggest a medium or large whole turkey or crown.


Our Christmas turkeys are guaranteed to stay fresh until Boxing Day


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