Food glossary


Worcestershire sauce

Worcestershire sauce was first made in the nineteenth century in Worcester when a barrel of vinegar was accidentally left to ferment. Nowadays a variety of ingredients including sugar, soy sauce, anchovies, tamarind, shallots, garlic and salt are fermented in vinegar to produce Worcestershire sauce. When the ingredients have matured, the sauce is strained and then left to age in a similar way to wine. The length of the ageing affects the flavour of the sauce.

When the sauce is ready it is strained again although it should be shaken well before use to ensure it is thoroughly mixed. The finished sauce is a deep brown colour, has a distinctive savoury taste and is quite spicy, it has a concentrated flavour so should be used sparingly.

Uses: Add a dash of Worcestershire sauce to dishes such as beef casseroles, meat pies, vegetable broths, chunky meat soups or sprinkle sparingly over sausages, chops or steaks.