Boiled eggs


Whether it’s toasted soldiers dunked into runny golden yolks or hard-boiled eggs used in
sandwiches, salads or curries, boiled eggs are the ultimate snackable food.

Boiling eggs is also a good bet if you’re looking for a healthier cooking option, as there's
no need for oil or butter.


How to boil an egg

Learn how to make the perfect boiled egg, whether you prefer soft, medium or hard-boiled yolks.

How to boil an egg

To get your eggs spot-on, you need to keep an eye on timings.

Lower room temperature eggs into a small pan of boiling water, then cook as follows:

For soft-boiled /runny yolks -  5 minutes

For medium soft (more firmly set but spoonable) -  7 minutes

For hard boiled - 9 minutes


Avoid egg whites going grey by not cooking them for too long or at too
high a temperature. Still perfectly edible, the grey of the egg is caused by
a reaction between the iron in the egg yolks and sulphur in the whites. 


Boiled egg recipes

From nursery breakfast to glamorous dinner, a perfectly boiled egg is the foundation of a multitude of meals; think gribiche-style dressings for open sandwiches, salads and kedgeree, as well as the runny-yolk classic with soldiers.

Why eggs are good for you

Eggs every day, every way