Food glossary



Vermouth is a generic name for a fortified wine that is strengthened with spirit and flavoured with herbs. A variety of vermouths are available in Waitrose, they are often named after the producer.

Dry white vermouths include Waitrose Extra Secco, Martini Extra Dry, Noilly Pratt they are mainly used in combination with gin to mix a selection of cocktails.

Uses: Dry white vermouth can be combined with lemon juice and single cream to make a sauce to accompany white fish.

Sweet white vermouths include Waitrose Bianco, Martini Bianco and Cinzano Bianco. Serve sweet white vermouth mixed with lemonade, plenty of ice and a slice of lemon for a long refreshing summer drink or with fruit juice and spirits to make a wide variety of cocktails.

Sweet red vermouths include: Waitrose Rosso and Martini Rosso. Red vermouth combines well with lemonade or can be drunk neat with ice as an aperitif.