Food Glossary



Golden syrup

One of the most versatile and well-known syrups, golden syrup is a by-product of sugar production. It has a wonderful golden colour, a very sweet flavour and a thick, pouring consistency.

Uses: In a variety of cakes, biscuits and puddings including flapjacks, treacle tart, sponge puddings and steamed puddings. Golden syrup is also a popular topping for porridge, pancakes and waffles. It can also be made into fudge sauces and toffee.

To store: Keep in a cool, dark place and use by the best before date.

Maple syrup

Made from the sap of the maple tree, maple syrup is a thin dark brown, pouring syrup with a distinctive, rich sweet flavour. Waitrose maple syrup comes from the south-east area of Quebec in Canada where there is a naturally large concentration of sugar maple trees. It takes 40 litres of sap, collected in spring, to create 1 litre of pure maple syrup. It is sweeter than sugar and so less is required in cooking. Choose from Waitrose Organic Maple Syrup No 1, Waitrose Maple Syrup No 1 or the darker, stronger-flavoured Waitrose Maple Syrup Amber No 2.

Uses: Popular in both sweet and savoury dishes, maple syrup is most often poured over pancakes or waffles in the traditional north American style. It is a popular partner for pecan nuts and is often included in ice cream recipes. It can also be used to glaze gammon or ham or to add an extra sweetness to cooked carrots or squash.

To store: Keep in a cool, dark place and use by the best before date.

Sugar syrup

A variety of sugar syrups are available from Waitrose including Sirop de Coco (coconut syrup), Sirop de Cassis (blackcurrant), Sirop de Fruit de la Passion (passion fruit) and Sirop de Grenadine (pomegranate).

Uses: Sugar syrups can be used to add flavour and colour to alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails or poured over desserts.

To store: Keep in a cool, dark place and use by the best before date.

To use: Pour 2-3 tbsp into alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails or drizzle over ice cream, yogurt, fresh fruit, pancakes or waffles.