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Orange blossom water

Orange blossom water is a culinary flavouring distilled from the fragrant blossoms of the orange tree. It has a distinctive citrus-floral aroma and adds an unmistakable orange flavour to a variety of recipes. Waitrose sell Star Kay White Orange Blossom Water which is made from pure extract of orange blossom. It is very concentrated and should be used sparingly add one drop at a time and taste as you go if you want to add more.

Uses: Orange blossom water adds a floral hint to both sweet and savoury dishes. Add a few drops to fresh fruit salad, dried fruit compotes or sprinkle over fresh summer berries. Stir orange blossom water into cream or yogurt to accompany summer desserts. Add to marinades for fish or white meat for a light floral flavour.

For a refreshing drink serve iced water with chunks of fresh fruit sprinkled with orange blossom water. Or add a few drops to after dinner coffee for an aromatic treat. It is a popular ingredient in African and Middle Eastern cuisines in Morocco, a classic salad of grated carrots, toasted pine nuts and orange segments is moistened with olive oil and lemon juice, then liberally doused with orange blossom water.

To store: Keep in a cool, dry place and use by the best before date.