Food glossary



Ready to roll icing

Ready to roll icing is pliable fondant icing, it is sealed in foil and sold in boxes. A selection of ready to roll icing is available from Waitrose including Ready to Roll White Icing, Ready to Roll White Organic Icing and Ready to Roll Coloured Icing (red, green, yellow and black icing are sold in a single pack).

Uses: To cover cakes and biscuits. To make moulded decorations and decorative shapes for cakes.

To store: Keep in a cool dry place and use by the best before date. Wrap any unused icing in polythene or foil to prevent it drying out and store in a cool, dry place.

To use: Knead the icing until pliable and roll out on a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar. To cover a marzipanned cake, slightly moisten the cake with cool boiled water. If the cake is not marzipanned, brush it with apricot glaze before positioning the icing to ensure it does not slip. Lift the icing using the rolling pin as a support, drape over the cake and smooth into position working from the centre to the edge and down the sides. Trim away any excess icing using a sharp knife. To achieve an extra smooth surface, rub the icing with the palm of your hand. To apply coloured icing on to white icing slightly moisten the surface with cooled boiled water.

Writing icing

This is ready-to-use icing sold in tubes with a fine point. The icing can be squeezed on to any surface and used like a pen to write words or make patterns. The icing is sold in packs of four tubes containing red, yellow, green and black icing.

Uses: For decorating cooked cakes, buns, biscuits desserts and sweets.

To store: Keep in a cool, dark place and always replace the cap after use. Decorated items may be refrigerated but do not refrigerate tubes.

To use: For best results knead the tube gently for 1 minute before use. Remove the cap and squeeze the tube, applying steady even pressure. To avoid excess air, fold down the tube as the icing is used. After use, wipe the end of the tube and attach the cap securely.