Food glossary

Ice Cream

Ice cream

One of the most popular desserts, there are a wide variety of ice creams available.

To store: Keep in the freezer and consume before the best before date. Do not refreeze after defrosting.

Clotted cream ice cream

Made from the richest dairy cream, this luxury ice cream has a wonderful flavour and rich texture.
Flavours available include: clotted cream, clotted cream and strawberries, clotted cream and raspberries and clotted cream and fudge.


Made from double cream and sugar, this is a rich smooth ice cream.


Smooth dairy ice cream made from fresh organic whole milk, organic cream, organic unrefined sugar, organic skimmed milk powder and pasteurised organic eggs. Flavours available include: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.


Often a popular choice with children, soft scoop ice cream is completely smooth and can be served straight from the freezer.

Flavours available include: vanilla, chocolate and neapolitan.

Tubs of Waitrose ice cream

Available in a variety of different flavours, tubs of Waitrose ice cream are made with double cream and have a rich texture which is enhanced by chunky pieces of nuts, chocolates or fruit.

Flavours available include: stem ginger (with chocolate ginger pieces), chocolate truffle (with chocolate fudge pieces), white chocolate (with pieces of chocolate), toffee pecan (with pecan nuts) and Belgian chocolate (with pieces of chocolate).