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Fortified wine

This is a generic term which encompasses a wide range of wines, all of which have been strengthened and flavoured with some type of spirit. Fortified wines sold in Waitrose include sherry, port, vermouth and Madeira.


A Sicilian fortified dessert wine named after the town of Marsala. It is made from light white wine that is fortified with grape spirit and then aged in oak casks for flavour. Waitrose sell Pellegrino Marsala Garibaldi Dolce in 75cl bottles. Sweet sherry or dessert wine can be used instead of Marsala in recipes.

Uses: Marsala can be served chilled as an aperitif and is included in a variety of cocktails. Marsala is a popular ingredient in a variety of pudding recipes including the classic Italian desserts zabaglione and tiramisu. It is also used to enrich creamy savoury sauces to serve with veal, chicken or pork.