Making more of the food you buy not only cuts waste, it saves money and helps the planet. Did you know, around a third of the food we produce worldwide is lost or wasted? It accounts for 8-10% of manmade greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than aviation. In fact, if we all go one day without wasting food at home, it could have the same positive environmental impact as taking 14,000 cars off the road a year.

At Waitrose, we're supporting the government's food waste partner, WRAP, in its goal to halve household food waste by 2030, alongside our pledge to halve food waste in our supply chain by 2030. WRAP estimates that the average UK household can save £500 a year by cutting food waste, saving 4.5 million tonnes a year.

Ultimately, we want all our food to be eaten. Find out how we're reducing food waste in our shops and supply chain.

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