New Year's Eve recipes


Celebrate New Year's Eve in style with
a home-cooked meal, fun cocktails
and easy nibbles

A memorable meal

Enjoy flavour-packed Sri Lankan dishes from Karan and Sunaina Gokani, the creative couple behind Sri Lankan restaurant Hoppers in London

Pol roti with devilled prawns

Pol roti with devilled prawns

Devilled means cooked with hot spices, and these prawns served on Sri Lankan bread make a fiery opener to your meal.

Charred Brussels sprouts drizzled with kiri hodi

Charred Brussels sprouts

Kiri hodi is a Sri Lankan coconut curry, and drizzled over the sprouts here gives a delicious twist on a British classic.

Whole roast coriander lemongrass bream

Roast coriander lemongrass bream

Whole griddled fish wrapped in banana leaves is commonly found across the Indian subcontinent. Recreate this version using Sri Lankan herbs and spices, roasted in foil.

Spiced rice payasam with ginger cake

Spiced rice payasam with ginger cake

A simple recipe featuring a traditional rice payasam makes a satisfactory end to the final meal of the year.

Drinks for all

Get the party started with our super easy, crowd-pleasing jug cocktails and impress guests with custom serves

Nibbles and sides