Low Alcohol & Alcohol Free Drinks

You guide to...no & low alcohol
You guide to...no & low alcohol
You guide to...no & low alcohol

If you’re looking for great-tasting alternatives to alcohol, the choice has never been better. From craft beers to sparkling wines to grown-up botanical cordials, we’ve got some delicious new no- and low-alcohol drinks to try. To be described as alcohol-free, a drink must be below 0.05% ABV, a de-alcoholised drink is below 0.5% ABV, and a low-alcohol drink is below 1.2% ABV

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Clear-headed beers

The choice of low-alcohol brews is huge, ranging from crisp lagers and citrussy IPAs to luxurious, hearty stouts. Pour a few of these and see if you can tell the difference

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Lowdown on wine

If you like to savour the flavours and aromas of a good wine, these choices deliver the same sensory experiences – but without the alcohol. Try oak-aged reds, aromatic whites and celebratory sparkling wines

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Grown-up soft drinks

Gone are the days when the only soft drinks on offer were sweet, sugary concoctions. These decidedly grown-up cordials, sodas and pressés are made with elegant botanicals and real fruit

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Meet the producer

Real founder David Begg says the secret of his non-alcoholic kombucha wine is fermented tea – nothing else. Real makes two kombuchas: its award-winning Royal Flush is brewed from first flush Darjeeling tea